Hiking Gears

Are you an adventurer? Do you love to travel? Is hiking your passion? But you don't have enough resources to manage the expenses? Wondering "how to travel for free"? Well, this guide for budget travelers will help you familiar with the tools and tips to do so. Adventure is something everyone looks for, specially when … Continue reading Hiking Gears

Airport - cheap flight

How to Travel on a Budget?

Do you love traveling but you don't have money to afford it? Have you always wondered how to travel for free? Does your work restrict you and create hindrances? Have you always wanted to be a working traveller? Almost everyone of us has gone through the same questions at some part of our lives. Here … Continue reading How to Travel on a Budget?

Hostel friends at dining table together

The Hostel Life

Almost everyone of us has gone through hostel at some point of their life. There are both the moments of joy and sorrows. Here we will discuss about how we go through this lifetime experience and what does it teach us. Is hotel life fun? Fresh newbies are mostly both excited and scared to start … Continue reading The Hostel Life

Thatta – The City of Silence

Thatta city is the mixture of two extremes. The Necropolis gives you the feeling, as the name suggests, of dead. While on the other hand the city itself is lively. For people living in the Province Capital Karachi must give it a go as there are not many cheap traveling options. Travelista club published my … Continue reading Thatta – The City of Silence


Historical places are not only assets and a good source of tourism and income for the country but also promotes the culture and traditions that are still affecting this new generation. It is the duty of the concerned ministries or department to maintain and protect their heritage. Few weeks ago I had a chance to … Continue reading A GLANCE FROM THE WINDOWS OF THE PAST