How to Travel on a Budget?

Do you love traveling but you don’t have money to afford it?

Have you always wondered how to travel for free?

Does your work restrict you and create hindrances? Have you always wanted to be a working traveller?

Almost everyone of us has gone through the same questions at some part of our lives. Here we will see how one can travel on a budget or for free (essentially); from cheap flights to free and, at least, cheap accommodation.

Hunting for Cheap Tickets

Local traveling may be easier for a person financially but when it comes to traveling abroad, one thinks twice about it and most of us lose their hopes and motivation due to extreme high air fares.

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To book online cheap flight tickets, personally I like Farecompare since it is one of the coolest and easiest to use flight comparison websites. It will search through all the flight carriers and provide you the cheapest available flight at the top. Plus, you will get a detailed comparison of all other carriers including the total flight time.

Cheap tickets may have some disadvantages with long lay-over time, so you gotta be keeping that in mind as well.


Skyscanner and Google Flights are some of the good sites to hunt for cheap tickets. You may have to go through some hits and trials in order to get the cheapest ticket but it isn’t much difficult and eventually it works for your best. Last minute flights are mostly expensive but here you can even hunt for cheap last minute flights.

Availing Cheap Accommodation

Here comes the most favorite part which bothers us the most since only the accommodation makes up around roughly 70 – 80 % of our total trip cost.

1. Workaway

Workaway is a database where you will find hosts who will invite you as a volunteer if you help them with their simple chores in exchange for free accommodation and free food.

Typically in Workway you work for 5 hours a day 5 days a week. Accommodations may include farms, lodges, homes and hostels etc.


2. HelpX

HelpX is a similar database just like Workaway but the attracting part here is that hosts may allow you to work on SAILING BOATS!

In contrast, according to HelpX their arrangement is 4 hours per day.


3. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is probably the most famous free accommodation website. Their slogan “Meet and Stay with Locals All Over the World” says it all.

In couchsurfing strangers from different parts of the world will let you stay on their couch FOR FREE!

It is very a simple website and free to sign-up. Locals set up their extra room and “couch” on the website and all you have to do is to check if it is available and leave them a message with your tentative trip dates.

The best thing that I like about this platform is that it lets you meet strangers and learn about them and their culture. I have heard stories of many people meeting really interesting and like-minded people.

4. Cheap Hostels

Staying at hostels in another way to avail a cheap, if not free, accommodation. is the best place to book cheap hostel which can be canceled later.

Dorms of 8 to 20 people is a cheaper and a wiser option and it lets you meet people from all around the world at one place, sharing stories and exchanging cultures etc.

hostel booking

Coupons and Promotion Codes

Since we will be making our seat reservations and bookings online, coupons and promotion codes come in handy.


Different travel and booking companies share their promotion codes on their social media or through newsletters they send. If you haven’t subscribed for newsletters or are following them on social media you can still use Google to find these promotion codes against the companies’ names.

Alternatively, there is an app / add-on called Honey that simplifies the process. To use Honey you will have to enable the add-on on Google Chrome from here or any other browser that you are using by searching the add-on for that exact browser. If enabled, it will directly show you discounted coupons and all you have to do is to activate it using your account.


I hope this post will help you in your future trip plan. From cheap international flights with smartfares to free and cheap accommodation. Please share your thoughts and experiences or ask questions if you have any in the comments below.


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