The Hostel Life

Almost everyone of us has gone through hostel at some point of their life. There are both the moments of joy and sorrows. Here we will discuss about how we go through this lifetime experience and what does it teach us.

Is hotel life fun?

Fresh newbies are mostly both excited and scared to start their new hostel life during student life. Anxiety at first is common and totally normal. I know a student who, in college, was too anxious about his early hostel life that he wanted to quit and go back to home. But the day he graduated he was actually in tears realizing he had made memories and that would be the end to those epic moments.

Is it fun? It’s a question asked frequently. An absolute answer could be “of course” but the context of every other person may be different. Myself, I lived in a hostel during my one-year training after few months of graduation. Being in my mid 20s and experiencing it for the first time came to me a little difficult than I expected at first but as the days passed on I started loving it more and more.

For me traveling together was the best part! Weekends are the best time to go out and explore the city and country side. My friends and I once went out to explore the Karachi of Britain Era. Another remarkable tour was our Tour de Thatta.

Hostel friends having a quality time traveling outoors

What hostel life teaches you?

Friends enjoying an evening in a hostel

Being in a hostel and away from home gives you a feeling of freedom and liberty. On weekends friends get together in which sometimes one becomes the victim and others the “oppressors”. The late night sleeping pattern. Then there comes the No Privacy Policy. Your stuff is global and can be used by anyone in reach.

The way the students discuss politics is as if they are the ones governing the country. It doesn’t only give them the freedom to speak and the ability and the patience to listen to others, it also gives them the confidence which they will need in their life.

Are there any cons?

Cons always come with pros. In a hostel life, where you are living 24/7 with same people, it is no news that things might get a little uncomfortable and sometimes furious. I remember I never liked others using my stuff without letting me know and that led to some raging behavior (which I later regretted!)

Patience is the key. A vital key. As humans, in general, to thrive we must need the support of other fellow human beings. We cannot ignore the importance of human touch in every wake of our lives. And that touch doesn’t always have a happy ending. This is where the patience comes into play.

The kind and forgiving behavior makes it much more bearable and understandable.


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